Dream Maker Ranch has partnered with Whitwell Performance Horses. Jessica Whitwell is from Washington state and has a versatile background in horses, dabbling in a little of everything from cow events to jumping. It wasn’t until she was attending Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT that she realized her passion was competing in the english and western all-around events. During her time at college and through internships, Jessica studied under several renown horse trainers and judges including: Scott & Amy Neuman, Christi Brown, Marilyn Randall, Tommy Sheets, Ryan Cottingim, Julian Harris and Chad & Barbie Evans. After receiving her Bachelors degree in Equine Science with an emphasis in Equitation & Training, Jessica went on to work as an assistant trainer for Gary & Kelley Roberts (Murrieta, CA) and Leigh & Leonard Berryhill (Talala, OK).

Although Jessica specializes in riding western & english stock-type show horses, she also enjoys instilling practical skills into any type of horse. Jessica focuses on the relationship between the horse and it’s rider and teaches heavily on feel, mindset, and breaking down maneuvers in order to control the horse on a more effective, willing and controlled level. Along with riding horses at DMR, Jessica coaches the DMR Show Team and teaches lessons and classes. Her passion is helping students of all ages become strong riders and knowledgeable horseman.

Horse Training is $400/month and guarantees a minimum of 20  training sessions a month. All horses in training will be groomed to show condition (blankets required to maintain slick coat). Although boarding at DMR is required for all training horses, horse owners will receive $50 off their board fee as long as their horse is enrolled in the training program. Horse owners are welcome to observe training, but will need to schedule a specific time to receive a lesson.

Call or Text Jessica at 918-283-3976 for more information about training, DMR Show Team or lessons